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Irwin S Cobb - A Man Of Heart

Irwin S Cobb - A Man Of Heart

Broadcast: July 14, 1956
Added: Jul 10 2021

Jimmy Powers is back with another chapter from the Grantland Rice story, The Tumult and the Shouting. Reading this wonderful book, you come to know Granny Rice as few of us were privileged to know him - even those who battered the typewriter keys alongside him through so many years. Granny had countless friends, men in all walks of life, including Irwin S Cobb. The great humorist was born four years before Granny in 1876, and no man lived a fuller life of letters and all that went with pen and ink, including radio, the stage and movies. So let's look at Cobb - the sports enthusiast - through the eyes of his friend Granny Rice.