Iron Man The

Iron Man The

Broadcast: 29th July 1949
Added: Sep 18 2009

Rodney Donahue was a friendly drunk who never had any friends, nobody cared much about whether he lived or died or had a place to lay his head at night, nobody that is except for Doc and Jerry and Mike McGovern the head bartender at the Shamrock.

You wouldn’t guess it at first as their sole intention after setting him on as a partner was to try to kill him for the insurance of $1200 they needed to pay the mortgage on the Shamrock. However Rodney was indestructible and is antics cost them money they couldn’t afford.

This is a charming comedy and Mike McGovern reminded me of Broadway in the Damon Runyon Theater.

Produced, Edited and Directed by: William Spier

Written by: Harold Swanton