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Broadcast: June 29, 1936
Added: Jun 24 2022
This is one of those wonderful little bits of nonsense that you can’t help but enjoy. You even get the bonus of hearing the lovely Jeanette sing and that’s got to be well worth tuning in to. It’s just the sort of entertainment that makes you feel young again. A story about a young department store assistant who has the good fortune to sell some faulty cushion covers to a very wealthy lady customer and is sent with some replacements to the large house where the lady lives. Naturally she meets the son of the house who persuades her to have lunch with him and attend a garden party wearing a dress made by a friend of his. He passes her off as Irene O’Dare the Irish songbird who has just arrived in the country and of course everything takes off from there. If you were a fan of Jeanette MacDonald’s when she made those unforgettable films with Nelson Eddy then this is a must for you. Enjoy it, I always do, every time I listen to it.