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Investigation of Hughes Airplane Contract

Investigation of Hughes Airplane Contract

Broadcast: August 5, 1947
Starring: John Edwards
Added: Apr 03 2014

"This was Elliott Roosevelt's day again today, before the Senate Committee investigating the Howard Hughes / Henry Chrysler plane contracts during the war. He was on the stand for five hours, morning and afternoon, in the historic Senate caucus chamber in Washington..." 

The only surviving 'ABC Special Event' show was a melodramatic account, narrated by ABC's John Edwards, featuring excerpts from the congressional hearing of the infamous Howard Hughes investigation, involving the former President, Theodore Roosevelt's son, General Elliott Roosevelt.

In 1947, many people including Howard Hughes himself, were summoned to testify before the Senate Committee to explain the why, what, when, where and how an extraordinary amount of money had been spent during the development of commissioned war planes. 

The hearings transfixed the nation during August and November 1947, and gave the listener at home the opportunity to form their own opinion on the fallout, from listening to many different witness testimonies, rather than reading a journalist's account in the newspaper.