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Broadcast: 18th February 1945
Starring: Victor Jory
Added: Feb 18 2011

Intermezzo is a love story of a world famous violinist named Holger Brandt and a young piano student named Anita Hoffman. Hoger is a happily married man with a young daughter Anne Marie. Holger is introduced to Anita by his wife when she employs her to teach their young daughter piano. Impressed with Anita’s talent Hoger invites him to tour with him and they fall in love. They make a handsome couple and their love comes out in the beautiful music they produce together and it seems that nothing in the world could ever separate them. However Anita comes to realize that all she could ever be is an intermezzo in Holger’s life.

Intermezzo came to fame in 1939 when David O. Selznick produced it as an unforgettable film. This play has been adapted from that motion picture story.

Script adapted by: Jean Holloway

Directed by: Richard Sandville