Innocent Hijacker

Innocent Hijacker

Broadcast: 2nd February 1951
Added: Apr 11 2014

Did you ever stop to consider how many Americans are found guilty each year of offences for which they are sent to prison? Only a little thought will make you realise that it must be a dismal and appalling number. An annual crime crop that must run into hundreds of thousands of men and women, roughly the same as jailing the entire population of a big city. 

Each year, likewise, the prisons release thousands upon thousands of prisoners, most of them on parole. Tonight's case from the files of the Federal Bureau of Investigation deals with one of these paroled men. This particular file was chosen because it illustrates a great and glaring weakness in our parole system - a weakness that can and should be corrected.

Eric Fisher has been granted parole, and his old boss Vince Parker is ready and waiting for him with another underworld job...