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Incident At Pebble Cove

Incident At Pebble Cove

Broadcast: 13th November 1949
Starring: Marvin Miller
Added: Apr 17 2008
Standing there on the boat dock, which served as the main landing at Pebble Cove John Gaylord presented the picture of a successful relaxed young author. He was tall and tanned and self-assured in manner and bearing. He liked it here in this hideaway on the pacific coast it was a place that he could work when he felt the mood where he could forget it if he didn’t. The other villagers a smattering of artists and winter vacationers kept pretty much to them selves and when John did want conversation there was always Steve Carson a young constable who included Pebble Cove in his district. It was Carson’s small boat that was approaching the landing at the moment to tell him about his new neighbor Peggy Benton. It seemed that Gaylord’s past was catching up with him and simply changing his name from Harold Ferris hadn’t solved a thing…