RUSC Radio - 4th July
Ida Lupino & Phil Harris & Gracie Fields & Garry Moore

Ida Lupino & Phil Harris & Gracie Fields & Garry Moore

Broadcast: November 20, 1943
Added: Nov 16 2014
Command Performance USA brings you the greatest entertainers in America as requested by the fighting men of the United States Armed Forces throughout the world. With Mistress of Ceremonies the lovely Ida Lupino Command Performance is really going out big tonight. Connie Haines sings Don't Get Around Much Anymore. Skinny Ennis leads the O.T.C Swing Band with Boosters Last Stance. Then Phil Harris arrives and has some banter with Skinny. Other guests include The Hoosier Hot Shots singing, Them Hill Billies Are Mountain Williams Now, comedian Garry Moore and one of England's best loved entertainers adopted by American's Gracie Fields.