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I Walk Alone

I Walk Alone

Broadcast: 23rd April 1952
Starring: Dana Andrews
Added: Mar 01 2005

When two men called on Matt Cvetic’s mother claiming to be the FBI and told her that her son worked for the them and was doing good things for his country she wanted to believe them but she told them the truth, that her son was a communist.

She told them the truth, Matt was glad she didn’t know the truth; and this was why the FBI had told him never to tell anybody that he was a communist for the FBI least of all his own mother because one day two nice men with briefcases would come along and pay their respects to his mom and she would fall for them with their compliments to her son and their FBI credentials and her son would die in the gutter or just disappear. That’s how it would be if his mother ever knew the truth.