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I Love You again

I Love You again

Broadcast: 30th June 1941
Added: Jun 07 2012

Mr Lawrence Wilson, sober and upstanding citizen is on an ocean liner approaching New York when falls overboard trying to steady the drunken roguish Ryan and hits his head. The next day he can’t remember a thing and believes he is George Davis and that it is 1932 and not 1941. The last thing he remembers is getting on a train in 1932 to go to a fight and being slugged on the train in a card game. Now he thinks that he has had amnesia since 1932 and lived on as Mr Wilson and now this recent blow has brought him back to himself a conman racketeer who now is more similar to Doc Ryan! Together they decide to go to Wilson’s home in Hatters Ville, where unbeknown to him news is out that he is a hero, and get the $147,000 that Larry Wilson has in his bank account. When the ship docks they are surprised to be met by a beautiful woman who George Davis learns is his estranged wife, Mrs Wilson. The comedy unfolds as he continues the pretence of Larry Wilson in Hatters Ville!

Others in the cast: Arthur Q Bryan, Jack Arnold, Jane Morgan, Dix Davis, Ralph Sedan, Earle Ross, Tyler McVey

Produced: Cecil B. DeMille