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Honest Captain

Honest Captain

Broadcast: May 5, 1940
Added: May 11 2021

This folk tale for the days not long after the war for independence. In those days the green and rolling hills of Vermont looked down on a pleasant village where lives a veteran of the revolution, Captain Caleb Piper. A large old farmhouse up the road from the church housed the Captain and his family. Its a Sunday morning and his two sons and wife are getting ready for church but Captain Caleb is not going to church this day. No he is going to sit in the corn field and kill the bear that it is eating their crop. But is he breaking the sabbath law? The elders of the village think so but the captain says it is not hunting if the bear comes to him. When he kills the bear the elders and the god fearing villagers put him on trial but the honest captain puts one over on them!