Home Coming

Home Coming

Broadcast: October 10, 1944
Added: May 24 2020

Connie Craig's husband is in the south Pacific and she hasn't seen him for eighteen months. She calls in to see Dr Christian and Judy to tell them her exciting news that she has received a telegram that her Nicky will be home tonight on leave for a few days.

But when she goes to meet him it is almost like he is a stranger and he seems so remote. She is afraid she is losing him. Sharing her concerns with Dr Christian he tells her not to worry to give him time. He explains to her that Nicky is likely to be suffering the emotional affects of combat.

Nicky is able to open up to Dr Christian about his fears and good old Dr Christian helps them both to show their true deep love.


Written by two young Hollywood writers, Jaqueline Rhodes and Elizabeth Latimer