RUSC Radio - 4th July
Holly Has A Crush On John Andrews

Holly Has A Crush On John Andrews

Broadcast: 13th September 1942
Added: Aug 23 2008

The Mayor’s daughter Margaret is concerned that her daughter Holly is at an age when she has a crush on different person every week. It was all right when it was on Tyrone Power and Robert Taylor but last week she was going to elope with the insurance man. Molly was spending a week with her grandfather the Mayor and Margaret was pleased that she would be able to spend a little time with John. Margaret hasn’t told Molly yet that she is planning to marry John Andrews. Oh dear it seems that Molly has developed a crush on Mr. Andrews. Molly needs to be cured of her crush on John if John and Margaret are ever to be married. The Mayor comes up with a plan but John fears he is going to get them both in hot water!

It's a lovely story. If you like this series you will also like another one of Joy's favorites, Dr Christian.

Announcer: Harlow Wilcox