Whilst many OTR shows are historical by their nature, the shows that we have added within this category will have content of historical educational importance.
Adventures In ResearchAdventures In Research
Show Count: 97
Broadcast History: 1946 to 1950
Sponsor: Westinghouse
Host: Paul Shannon
There were many radio shows designed to entertain, and a few that endeavored to teach while entertaining. Adventures In Research was one of those that had the goal of teaching the sciences to both young and old and to make it interesting.
American In England, AnAmerican In England, An
Show Count: 6
Broadcast History: 3 August 1942 to 7 September 1942 and 1 December 1942 to 22 December 1942
Cast: Joseph Julian
Director: Norman Corwin
Producer: Norman Corwin, Edward R. Murrow
American TrailAmerican Trail
Show Count: 13
Broadcast History:
Author Meets The CriticsAuthor Meets The Critics
Show Count: 46
Broadcast History:
Battle StationsBattle Stations
Show Count: 4
Broadcast History: 1943
Director: Joseph Mansfield
Producer: Joseph Mansfield
Between The BookendsBetween The Bookends
Show Count: 1
Broadcast History: 26 July 1934 to 9 September 1938 and 12 September 1938 to 3 June 1955
Cast: Ted Malone, Alden Russell, Tony Wons
Can You Imagine ThatCan You Imagine That
Show Count: 39
Broadcast History:
Captains Of IndustryCaptains Of Industry
Show Count: 51
Broadcast History:
Cavalcade Of America, TheCavalcade Of America, The
Show Count: 705
Broadcast History: 9 October 1935 to 29 May 1939 and 2 January 1940 to 31 March 1953
Cast: John McIntire, Jeanette Nolan, Agnes Moorehead, Kenny Delmar, Edwin Jerome, Ray Collins, Orson Welles, Karl Swenson, Ted Jewett, Jack Smart, Paul Stewart, Bill Johnstone, Frank Readick, Ray Sloane, Luis Van Rooten, Mickey Rooney, Cary Grant, Tyrone Power, Ronald Reagan
Director: Homer Fickett, Roger Pryor, Jack Zoller, Bill Sweets, Paul Stewart
Producer: Homer Fickett, Roger Pryor, Jack Zoller, Bill Sweets, Paul Stewart
Host: Walter Huston
Cavalcade of America is an anthology drama series that was sponsored by the DuPont Company, although it occasionally presented a musical, such as an adaptation of Show Boat, and condensed biographies of popular composers. It was initially broadcast on radio from 1935 to 1953, and later on television from 1952 to 1957. Originally on CBS, the series pioneered the use of anthology drama for company audio advertising.
Cavalcade Of Kings, ACavalcade Of Kings, A
Show Count: 50
Broadcast History:
Show Count: 119
Broadcast History: 1930s, 40s and 50s
Complete day at WJSV - 21st Sept 1939Complete day at WJSV - 21st Sept 1939
Show Count: 19
Broadcast History: 21 September 1939
An amazing chance to enjoy not just a whole day of radio from bygone days, but a day that had much historical significance.
Crime ClassicsCrime Classics
Show Count: 51
Broadcast History: June 1953 to June 1954
Cast: Lou Merrill, Ben Wright, Barney Phillips, Mary Jane Croft, Bill Johnstone, Paula Winslowe, Jeanette Nolan, Herb Butterfield, Betty Harford, Jack Kruschen, Irene Tedrow, John Dehner, Sam Edwards, Lillian Buyeff, Norma LeMond, Roy Rowan
Director: Elliott Lewis
Producer: Elliott Lewis
Crime Classics was a United States radio docudrama which aired as a sustaining series over CBS from June 15, 1953, to June 30, 1954.
Day of VictoryDay of Victory
Show Count: 1
Broadcast History: 8 May 1945
Eisenhower YearsEisenhower Years
Show Count: 13
Broadcast History: 1969 -1970
Producer: Ralph Titus
Produced by Extension Radio Television at Kansas State University in 1969 & 1970, The Eisenhower Years is a chronicle in sound of the Dwight Eisenhower years. It is a 13-part radio documentary dealing with the life of the 34th President of the United States.
Famous EscapesFamous Escapes
Show Count: 2
Broadcast History:
Famous Jury TrialsFamous Jury Trials
Show Count: 13
Broadcast History: 5 January 1936 to 20 December 1937, 2 November 1938 to 8 March 1939, and 11 November 1940 to 25 June 1949
Cast: Maurice Franklin , Roger DeKoven, DeWitt McBride, Raymond Edward Johnson, Frank Readick, Mandel Kramer
Director: Carl Eastman, Clark Andrews
Producer: Don Becker, Don Foster
Father CoughlinFather Coughlin
Show Count: 21
Broadcast History: 1926 to 1931 and 1931 to 1942
Cast: Father Charles Coughlin
Free Company, TheFree Company, The
Show Count: 10
Broadcast History:
Freedom USAFreedom USA
Show Count: 5
Broadcast History: 23rd December 1951 - 7th December 1952
Cast: Tyrone Power
You are about to hear the story of a United States Senator.
Frontier FightersFrontier Fighters
Show Count: 40
Broadcast History:
Gallant American WomenGallant American Women
Show Count: 13
Broadcast History:
Indian TrailsIndian Trails
Show Count: 1
Broadcast History:
Show Count: 44
Broadcast History: 1954-1955
Lives Of Great MenLives Of Great Men
Show Count: 17
Broadcast History: 22 October 1938 to 3 June 1939
Host: Edward Howard Griggs
Men Who Made AmericaMen Who Made America
Show Count: 9
Broadcast History:
Mr. PresidentMr. President
Show Count: 50
Broadcast History: 26 June 1947 to 1953
Cast: Betty Lou Gerson, Edward Arnold
Director: Dick Woolen
Producer: Dick Woolen
News BroadcastsNews Broadcasts
Show Count: 55
Broadcast History:
One World FlightOne World Flight
Show Count: 12
Broadcast History: 14 January 1947 to 8 April 1947
Producer: Norman Corwin, Lee Bland
Host: Norman Corwin
Origin of SuperstitionOrigin of Superstition
Show Count: 39
Broadcast History:
Plays For AmericansPlays For Americans
Show Count: 3
Broadcast History: 1942
Cast: James Stewart
Director: Arch Oboler
Producer: Arch Oboler
Ripley's Believe It Or NotRipley's Believe It Or Not
Show Count: 102
Broadcast History:
Science Magazine of the AirScience Magazine of the Air
Show Count: 22
Broadcast History:
Scoop - SAScoop - SA
Show Count: 29
Broadcast History:
Show Count: 14
Broadcast History:
Thank You AmericaThank You America
Show Count: 1
Broadcast History: 23 November, 1944
This Is WarThis Is War
Show Count: 4
Broadcast History: 1942
Director: Norman Corwin, Gerald Taylor
We Hold These TruthsWe Hold These Truths
Show Count: 1
Broadcast History:
Will RogersWill Rogers
Show Count: 9
Broadcast History: 6 April to 22 June 1930 and 30 April 1933 to 8 July 1934
Cast: Will Rogers
World Is Yours, TheWorld Is Yours, The
Show Count: 10
Broadcast History:
You Are ThereYou Are There
Show Count: 58
Broadcast History:
Your AAFYour AAF
Show Count: 12
Broadcast History: