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His Name Is John Smith

His Name Is John Smith

Broadcast: 3rd October 1952
Added: Aug 06 2004
“If ever you’re in Dos Rios and need a lawyer you might look me up. In a cow town a frontier town you don’t need much of an office but if you really want to find me my one room suite is upstairs over Cherokee O’Bannon’s livery stage. There’s a sign out on the side ally with my name on it, Chad Remington. I don’t want you to think that there isn’t much for a country lawyer to do in Los Rios because with the pack of people who’ve settled the frontier and whose places sprawl over it we’ve got all kinds, the good and meek, the loud and leathery. Take last week for instance, not only did I get a client but I earned my self plenty of trouble and came close to being shot to death…”