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His Honor, The Mayor

His Honor, The Mayor

Broadcast: April 6, 1941
Added: Mar 01 2016

"This story happened in a small town near the Mexican border. We'll call it Benton, because I never heard of any town by that name. Our hero, who's the mayor of the town, we'll call Knaggs -- Bill Knaggs -- because I don't know anybody called Bill Knaggs. Right here I want to say that this broadcast isn't intended to be uplifting or inspirational; it hasn't any moral at the end of it, or any message. You can draw your own conclusions and I hope you do. I'd like to know what you think of Mayor Knaggs' problem, and if you think he solved it the right way. Maybe you'll say he didn't solve it at all. That's possible. Believe me, I'm not campaigning for Knaggs' re-election. He's a friend of mine, but I don't want to get mixed up in municipal politics, particularly in a town that's almost two thousand miles away from my own. I'm just going to tell you what happened."