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Hex Marks the Spot

Hex Marks the Spot

Broadcast: 5th June 1947
Added: Jun 16 2013

To a real sports fan there's magic in baseball but to Steve Dalton there was just a little too much magic. His star pitcher kept a pet mouse in his pocket, always said "bread and butter" and disappeared ion the night of the big game to weave a spell around a wart on his finger. 

Steve Dalton manages a bush league baseball team which has had a losing streak and dropped five games in a row. His star pitcher, Lefty McGrutter blames it all on bad luck and the fact that Steve refuses to be superstitious. Then the teams new owner arrives, pretty Miss Emmy Huggins and she is just as superstitious as Lefty. Steve gives in to their ideas and the team wins eight times in a row at the same time that Emmy wins Steve's heart. 

HIlarious comedy romance.