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Hermit of San Felipe Atabapo

Hermit of San Felipe Atabapo

Broadcast: November 9, 1943
Added: Jan 15 2016

It's six o'clock and the first warm fragrance of a new morning somewhere to the south east of the great lost plateau in the land of San Filipe Atabapo, Venezuela. A land in the midst of a great valley, with luxuriant plains rolling to the south, while to the east a vast and pleasant forest comes down to meet the plains and then marches away towards the rising sun still hidden behind the rugged crags of the vast mountains beyond. And here, where the plains and forest meet, Jack and Doc have come upon the Hermit. A queer, bright-eyed, happy-go-lucky character, he was small and rounded with red apple cheeks, bald with a fringe of fine white hair and blue, sparkling eyes. However, he denied that he was either priest or monk, and asked that he be called Jeremiah...