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Henpecked Swindler, The

Henpecked Swindler, The

Broadcast: May 2, 1947
Added: Apr 10 2020

There's nothing remarkable about the fact there are various 'classes' of criminals. Rated at the top are bank robbers, mob leaders and killers, who are in business of crime and they engage in their work for profit. Their standing in the criminal community depends almost entirely on their degree of success. But there is one type of criminal to whom everyone else in the crime world looks up to, because he or she makes his living by his brain. That criminal is the swindler. Our story opens in the club car of a transcontinental train, where a distinguished looking man is sipping a tall, cool, drink. Beside him is a woman, who is heading back west to see her late father's lawyer, to settle his estate...