Hans Brinker

Hans Brinker

Broadcast: 8th November 1950
Added: Nov 24 2013

10 years ago Hans Brinker's father had a fall and hurt his head and since then he hasn't been able to remember anything. They used to have a stocking which they kept in the house with a thousand guilders in it but it has gone missing and in its a place an inscribed silver watch. Ralph Brinker cannot remember if he gave the money for the watch. Hans Brinker asks the good doctor Birkman if he will help his father and he does because Hans reminds him of his own estranged son. Ralph has an operation to relieve the pressure in his skull and now can remember again. For 10 years the family have lived in poverty without the money. Then Ralph tells his wife that he had buried the money in the garden.  When they find the money they want to pay the doctor and  they mention the watch. The Doctor recognises the watch as his sons and Ralph remembers that  the young man he had helped all those years ago before his accident had asked Ralph to give the watch to his father.  

Hans Brinker  enters a skating race and wins some wonderful silver skates which are the key to discovering where Dr Birkman's son ran away to ten years ago.