Hank Williams Mother's Best Flour Show, The

Hank Williams Mother's Best Flour Show, The

The Hank Williams Mother's Best Flour radio show was a daily variety show that aired on WSM radio in Nashville, Tennessee from 1949 to 1951. The show was sponsored by Mother's Best Flour, and featured Hank Williams singing, playing guitar, and telling stories.

Williams was joined by his backup band, the Drifting Cowboys, as well as various guest stars. The show was a popular morning program, and helped to make Williams a household name.

The show was typically structured around a series of musical numbers, interspersed with comedy sketches and interviews. Williams would often sing songs about his home state of Alabama, as well as other topics that were close to his heart. He was also known for his sense of humor, and would often tell stories and jokes that would keep his audience entertained.

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Broadcast: January 8, 1951
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