Cinnamon Bear
Hanging Rock

Hanging Rock

Broadcast: August 16, 1948
Added: Mar 13 2023

It was late afternoon in the café when Bill, a young cowboy walked in. He was a stranger, and as the bartender served him, he asked the usual questions, deducing that the man was looking for work, and recommended the Hanging Rock to him. Whilst chatting with the barkeep about his disdain for the Valley Protective Association in town, he was interrupted by a surly Slim Allen who worked for the association, who was clear that the man wasn't to stick around town with that kind of attitude. But Bill was justified in his reasoning, and he knows for sure that the association are crooked. That evening, Slim Allen and Mel Sutter were out riding - looking for him. Mel Sutter was the chief deputy of the protective association in town, and he was big and tough. His eyes were cold, and a reddish stubble covered his chin. When they found Bill at a small camp outside of town, they beat him badly, until the Lone Ranger came along and stopped them. Again, he asked about work, and as it turned out - the Hanging Rock really was the right place for him to be headed...