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Hamlet Part 1 of  2

Hamlet Part 1 of 2

Broadcast: September 19, 1936
Added: Apr 25 2010

In this production of Shakespeare’s Hamlet Orson Welles presents in two parts the first two acts of the play attaining whenever possible the most notable scenes in their entirety giving you a clear dramatic statement of the causes of Hamlet’s tragedy.

This is an excellent performance and production and Orson Welles was only 21-years-old

Orson Welles as Hamlet, Prince of Denmark, Alexander Scourby as King Claudius,Rosamund Pinchote as Queen Gertrude, Egartron Paul as Polonius, Lord Chamberlain, Sydney Smith as Horatio, George Gaul as the Ghost of Hamlet’s Father and Hiram Sherman as Bernardo