Guest Wife

Guest Wife

Broadcast: 10th December 1945
Added: Dec 12 2011

Olivia DeHavilland stars as Mary, Dick Foran as her husband Chris Price and Don Ameche as his best friend Joe Parker, Foran and Ameche both reprising their 1945 film roles.

Chris considers Joe the best friend a man could ever have but Mary has never forgiven him for not showing up at their wedding. Mary is none too happy when Joe turns up just as she and Chris are about to set off to New York for a second honeymoon. Chris suggests that Joe come to new York with them but Joe tells them he cannot go to New York as his boss is expecting him there with his wife – the wife that Joe has made up to impress his boss. Further more to back up his wife tale to his boss Mr Worth, Joe sent him a photo of Mary. Oh dear there is bound to be complications when Chris tells Joe not to worry, he can borrow Mary to meet his boss!

Producer: William Keighley