Green Lama, The

Green Lama, The

“Jethro Dumont is a wealthy young American who, after ten years in Tibet, returned as the Green Lama, to amaze the world with his curious and secret powers, in his single handed fight against injustice and crime.”

Tulku is his faithful Tibetan servant who is honoured to serve the Green Lama. Jethro Dumont, the Green Lama is so called because of his great powers of wisdom and concentration, which he learned whilst in Tibet. As it is the duty of all Lama’s to oppose evil Jethro Dumont returned to his native America to fight crime. Of the six sacred colors of Tibet he chose green, which is the symbol of justice.

Broadcast: 17th May 1949
Starring: Paul Frees
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Broadcast: 26th June 1949
Starring: Paul Frees
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Broadcast: 3rd July 1949
Starring: Paul Frees
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Broadcast: 20th August 1949
Starring: Ben Wright, Paul Frees
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