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Gold Rush Stickup

Gold Rush Stickup

Broadcast: September 29, 1950
Added: Jun 20 2014

Throughout the west there are communities that set aside days and sometimes weeks during which their former days of glory are annually recalled. The highways for miles around are littered with signs proclaiming this to be Old Timers Week, Eldorado Week, or whatever name the town has chosen for the celebration. The local citizenry, most of whom dress normal during the remainder of the year, get their mail order cowboy clothes off the shelves and welcome the visitors. Taken by and large it amounts to harmless fun and if it does nothing but recall the olden days it's well worth the trouble everyone goes to to bring about a tradition. Occasionally though this  pleasant picture is disturbed; disturbed by the discovery that among the fun makers there have been those interested in something more than traditions, they have instead been  interested only in crime.

This file opens in a small western town during one of those community celebrations . This one is called Gold Rush Week.