Goddess Leaves Leopard Tracks, The Episode 19 of 26

Goddess Leaves Leopard Tracks, The Episode 19 of 26

Broadcast: 20th July 1935
Added: May 26 2005
Professor Anton Edwards and his little party have entered the village of the leopard men. A beautiful girl who can apparently change herself in to a leopard at will mystifies them. This girl tells them they were expected and huts have been prepared for them. Under the influence of the girl’s great yellow eyes Jack’s mind becomes slightly deranged and he faints. They place him on a bed in the hut where he fully recovers. The native girl who is called Ifarbie Daughter of the Moon warns them not to kill leopards, as they might be the men folk of the village. As the professor accompanies Lorna to her hut they see a leopard sitting in the moonlight watching them. It has a curious resemblance to the native girl. Suddenly it starts moving towards them and Jack in the hut hears Lorna scream...