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God Killers, The

God Killers, The

Broadcast: October 12, 1976
Added: Jan 18 2015

A little vanity, can't be so bad, surely? Don't we need it to add a little piquance to life? Especially women... Who would give a woman a second look if she didn't have just a touch of vanity? Ursula Underwood has no vanity at all. Zero. And the result is, no-one has ever given her a first look. Ursula at forty years old, doesn't think to hide the approaching grey in her hair, whose lips have always been innocent of lipstick. Shy, quiet and self-effacing Ursula Underwood. But here she is, suddenly the center of attraction. Literally in the spotlight, surrounded by eager, impatient, anxious men. How did this happen? Simple, she's been accused of murder!