Gig of The Saginaw

Gig of The Saginaw

Broadcast: September 30, 1952
Added: Aug 12 2021

A powerful sea story of the men of Midway Island.

Eighteen hundred miles west of Hawaii, a pinpoint in the vastness of the pacific, stands Midway Island. It was this far frontier barely known to many Americans before WWII that provided our armed forces with their most effective advanced base against the enemy. As early as the year 1870 American naval planners had pinpointed Midway as a strategic asset and had dispatched the USS Saginaw to set up a coaling station on the island. This is the story of the men of the Saginaw, the men who gave us Midway.


. "The Gig Of The Saginaw". Commercials deleted. A well-done story of survival on the open sea in a small boat. Five sailors try to bring help to their eighty-six shipwrecked comrades. Gary Merrill, Pat O'Malley, Ed Begley, Elliott Reid, Donald Morris (author),