Ghost Of Murdocks Swamp

Ghost Of Murdocks Swamp

Broadcast: February 9, 1947
Added: May 30 2013

Dr Danfield is reading an article in the paper of great interest. Mrs. Fraser’s strange phobia has become a legend in the neighborhood of Waltshead Bay.

Her refusal to leave the home that she and her husband occupied for many years coupled with the fact that neighbors report seeing a bobbing light and hearing strange sounds coming from nearby Murdock’s swamp have lent credence to the theory that the swamp’s haunted with the ghost of the vanished millionaire Alex Fraser.

It is also reported that she is selling single pearls. But why would she be selling pearls that have been in the family for years when her husband was a millionaire. Dr Danfield and his secretary Rusty pose as prospective pearl buyers seek out an explanation.