George Raft

George Raft

Broadcast: May 18, 1942
Added: May 26 2022

Command Performance was broadcast during the years of the 1940's for the US troops "over there" to entertain them with their favorite stars on American radio. The title "Command Performance" derived from the fact that it would be the GI, used to obeying commands, which would command the stars they wanted to hear on the radio.

Here, George Raft is Master of Ceremonies and introduces comediennes Brenda and Cobina (Elvia Allman and Blanche Stewart) along with other guests, Deanna Durbin who sings for you, Boogie Woogie pianist Meade “Lux” Lewis and Dinah Shore. There’s also some homespun gossip from Lum and Abner and a song from Rudy Vallee.