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Gentlemen From Oxford

Gentlemen From Oxford

Broadcast: 9th May 1954
Added: May 14 2012
On his return to America from Oxford University Hugo Hayden expected to step in to a top business position but after several months Hugo was still waiting and his funds dwindled to almost nothing. Hugo began to wonder and it does seem strange, as he was certain he had as much as most and more than many yet no one has even approached him with the type of proposition he could consider on a par with his background and personality; and then one day an idea strikes him, he decides to gain fame and fortune by writing a novel. He puts everything else aside and to his own surprise finishes it in little more than four months time. Next day he takes the manuscript to an old classmate, Michael Baldwin, president of his own publishing company. Three weeks later he’s back again to be told that Baldwin’s won’t be publishing his novel…