RUSC Radio - 4th July
General Tal Rescued Azora

General Tal Rescued Azora

Broadcast: 27th July 1935
Starring: Gale Gordon
Added: Jun 29 2004
The antidote administered by Dr Zarkov restored flash Gordon’s memory. Then the Doctor and Dale Arden told Flash what had happened while he was under the spell of the wicked Queen Azura. Zarkov persuaded him that he must take over the Blue Magic Land just as he had taken over the other kingdoms so Flash went in to see Azura who under the spell of her own forgetfulness failed to recognize him. Azura accepted Flash’s claim that he was King and at his request ordered the entire army of the Blue Magic Land to pass in review before him. While the review was in progress General Tal leaps to the balcony upon which Flash, Dale, Zarkov and Azura were standing and attempted to plunge his sword in to Flash’s back. The story continues…