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General Charles Leward aka Death In The Wood

General Charles Leward aka Death In The Wood

Added: Sep 02 2017

One of the most intriguing side aspects of detection, and one of the most irritating from a police viewpoint, is a number of pests and cranks who come forward whenever a crime has been committed. For instance, there are always the well meaning amateurs, who are sure they can solve the whole thing. Then there are the psychic ones, who claim to have seen the criminal in a crystal ball, or in a dream. Then there are the sensationalists who build up casually heard gossip and rumors into sworn statements of facts. There are also the anonymous letter writers, who make the wildest accusations. And not forgetting the psychopaths who confess to the crimes and demand to be arrested. These people are a hindrance to the proper investigation, and more often than not, their actions have harmful and tragic results...