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Gay Divorcee, The

Gay Divorcee, The

Broadcast: March 6, 1944
Added: Apr 15 2014

Edward Everett Horton reprises his movie role as Egbert, with Frank Sinatra as Guy Holden and Gloria DeHaven as Mimi. After leaving a cafe in Paris, Guy Holden returns to London by boat, where he meets the wealthy American blonde Mimi Glossop, who has somehow managed to trap her dress in her luggage trunk. For Guy, it's love at first sight, but when he steps in to help, he accidentally rips Mimi's dress. Lending her his overcoat, he expects to receive a thank-you note with her name and address when she returns it, so that he can contact her again, but she leaves no note. From then, he is dead set on finding his true love again...