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Gang Goes For  A Sleigh Ride

Gang Goes For A Sleigh Ride

Broadcast: 31st January 1950
Added: Feb 01 2011
On a crisp winter evening like tonight there’s nothing like an old-fashioned sleigh ride, a thick carpet of snow on the ground, a team of horses, an open sleigh and a bunch of jolly friends. Fibber McGee, Molly and all the gang are enjoying a sleigh ride out in the country and are certainly feeling the cold. Fibber gets them all lost in a blizzard when they spot a building of some kind where they can take shelter. There’s no one home so they break a window to get in and agree to all pay for the damage. Glad to get out of the cold they think they have found a nice little warm farmhouse. Fumbling for a light switch Fibber opens a door to… Yes you’ve guessed it Fibber’s closet!