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Gallions Reach

Gallions Reach

Broadcast: June 4, 1950
Added: Feb 22 2015

The director of Education by Radio Courses at the University of Louiville, Dr Harvey Webster, is the intermission commentator and he says, "Like Joseph Conrad, whom English author H M Tomlinson resembles but never slavishly imitates, he can be mistaken as an adventure story writer. In Gallions Reach, there is what might be called a murder, an adventurous sea voyage, a trip through the jungle; there are strange unbelievable characters like captain Hale, Jim Collett, Parcell and Nori. You can read or hear it as fun if you will or if you wish you can read and hear it as a grim and significant commentary on man's fate in the modern world".

Story adapted for the NBC by: George Lefferts