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Fredrick's Gang

Fredrick's Gang

Broadcast: 11th June 1947
Starring: Richard Kollmar
Added: Jun 13 2001
Blackie is driving Mary Wesley to an address. Should he wait for her, he asks? Well, they decide that Mary will take a cab because she's not sure how long she'll be, but Mary, as always worried about her Blackie, asks him to be careful. They make plans for a date later that evening, and Blackie leaves Mary. Mary then enters the address, which turns out to be a private detective agency, which claims to be very good. Mary tells them she has a difficult job for them, she wants a man followed, money is no object, she wants him followed every minute, don't let him out of your sight for one minute, she wants a detailed report on everything he does, EVERYTHING. The private detective has just one more question, who does she want followed? Mary replies, "His name is Boston Blackie."

Reviewed by Kitty