Four Hours To Kill

Four Hours To Kill

Broadcast: 13th May 1949
Starring: Howard Duff
Added: Sep 25 2009

Theodore quits his job and goes to ask his brother Walter, a successful lawyer for a loan so that he can invest in a newspaper in Florida. When his brother laughs at his request things get out of hand and Ted lashes out at his brother knocking him to the floor. When Walter doesn’t get up Ted believes he has killed his brother. Nobody knew Ted was in New York so he decides to get out before anyone notices him then he notices the phone off the receiver. He picks up the phone and there is a woman on the end of the receiver who has heard everything. Ted decides that the only thing to do is to track the woman down and kill her. He knew it would be the headlines on the newspaper that would be out by midnight and she would be able to read it and identify him. Ted had four hours to find her and kill her.

Produced, Edited and Directed by: William Spier

Written by: Harold Swanton