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Foundling, Case Of The

Foundling, Case Of The

Broadcast: October 20, 1953
Added: Jul 08 2023

A call is coming through. You will follow the action taken pursuant to that call  from this minute until the final report is written in the 124 room at the 21st Precinct. 21st Precinct it's just lines on the map of the city of New York. Most of the hundred and seventy three thousand people wedged in to the nine tenths of the square mile between Fifth Avenue and the East river wouldn't know if you asked them if they lived or worked in the 21st. Whether they know it or not the security of their persons, their homes and their property is the job of Captain Frank Kennelly and the 160 patrolmen, 11 sergeants and 4 lieutenants of whom  he's the boss.

Mr Harry Wigan is concerned when a young woman Lois Hemple abandoned her young baby with his wife. Mrs Wigan agreed to foster the baby for payment of $12.50 a week while she went off to her new job. Mrs Hemple paid for three weeks but seven weeks on and they have not seen or heard from Mrs Hemple