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Forbidden Hill

Forbidden Hill

Broadcast: February 27, 1946
Added: Mar 06 2021

Its a very rainy day when a lady turns up in Dr. Christians surgery in Rivers End. For a minute Dr. Christian doesn't recognize Margaret Anderson who left Rivers End fourteen years ago. Twenty years ago her brother Roderick Cromwell was found guilty of a terrible crime and was committed to an insane Asylum. As far as Dr. Christian was concerned Cromwell was no more insane than he or Judy, but a psychiatrist was brought in from the state capital who said his mind was deranged, being committed saved him from the electric chair. Now, Mrs. Anderson requested a visit from Dr. Christian for her brother who was living at his old home on a hill in Rivers End. But Roderick Cromwell was emphatic in his order that he didn't want to see the doctor and wanted to be left alone. There are strange going-ons but you can be sure Dr. Christian will get to the heart of it. 

This mellow dramatic episode of Dr. Christian had me sitting on the edge of my seat!

Written by: Robert Jackman of Hollywood who works for Walt Disney