Flamingo Road

Flamingo Road

Broadcast: May 26, 1950
Added: Jun 29 2020
Joan Crawford and David Brian reprise there original 1949 film roles as Laine Bellamy and Dan Reynolds. 
Laine Bellamy has had enough of the carnival and stays behind in the small town of Bolden and falls in love with the deputy sheriff, Field Carlisle. However, the town is run by corrupt Sheriff Titus Semple who has plans to install his deputy as senator against  Dan Reynolds and doesn't think Laine is high society enough to be a senators wife and live on Flamingo Road. 
Titus Semple is intent on destroying life in Bolden for Laine but she insists she will not be run out of town even if she has to live on Flamingo Road t be respectable and maybe she can fix that too.