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Fires of Tohr Episode 11 of 39

Fires of Tohr Episode 11 of 39

Broadcast: 1936
Starring: Carlton KaDell
Added: Aug 13 2004
Carried through a mountain on the surface of an underground river Tarzan and his friends are captured by a band of yellow giants. Mounted on elephants the entire company is transported to the distant city of Tohr where the captives are taken before Ahtea, queen of the yellow men. Their audience with Ahtea is interrupted by the arrival of Tongo, a chief of the Tohr men, several of whom have been killed by Tarzan’s party. Ahtea informs Tarzan that the laws of Tohr permit a chief to claim the right of avenging the death of any of his men by personal combat with the one who has slain them. She adds that Tongo has come to claim that right. Tarzan accepts the challenge and stands quietly awaiting the attack of the giant yellow man.