Fire Escape, The

Fire Escape, The

Broadcast: January 26th 1955
Added: Jan 13 2014
This is the factual account of the way the police work in worlds largest city, New York. 21st Precinct is just lines on the map of the city f New York. Most of the people who work and live in the nine tenths of the square mile between 5th Avenue and the East River wouldn't know if you asked them if the were in the 21st Precinct.  Whether they know it or not the security of their homes, their persons and property is the job of the men of the 21st precinct  of whom Frank Kennelly is Captain in command.
The police attend an apartment block when a disturbance is called in. Mr Gerard was seen manhandling his wife in the hallway and dragging her up the stairs. He won't let the police in to his apartment and he fire shots at them through the door and warns them to go away. The police fear his wife is in grave danger.