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Final Witness, The

Final Witness, The

Broadcast: May 2, 1975
Added: Apr 14 2014

For many of us, life follows a familiar, routine pathway. Occasionally, we may be temporarily dislocated by a war, or some natural man made disaster. But all in all, life takes on the rhythm and tempo of the oceans - after the most violent storm, the sea then becomes quiet, and the air is calm. The key word for so many of us is predictable. There is no ecstasy, but merely amusement. No tragedy, just irritation. Meet Oliver and Cassandra Gearhart, a married couple approaching middle age. It's after dinner, or as they would call it, supper time, and Cassie wants Oliver to go to the store for some milk. Unfortunately for him, an armed man comes and holds up the store whilst he's there, and shoots dead the store owner, Mr Hoffman!