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Filinda Blank - My Story

Filinda Blank - My Story

Broadcast: March 12, 1941
Added: Mar 14 2023

Today's topics include playing bingo, gambling, bingo, movies, more bingo, and domestic troubles. Did I mention bingo? It’s the latest rage that’s sweeping the nation. Kenny Baker sings, Georgia On My Mind.

Portland talks about Campfire Girls, and also brings news of Kenny's new job as an auctioneer's shill. The Martins then sing, La Conga, followed by a little round table forum about training pilots, and then Kenny sings You Walked By.

The Texaco Art Players explain the mystery of how the Income Tax came to be. The play is, Filinda Blank, a boy who was a puny tyke in his early days. For years his family tried to figure out how to fill out his form. He proved to have a knack for squeezing out the last drops from anything. Blood from turnips, squeezing money from people, and was destined for a career as the first tax man.