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Fatal Connection

Fatal Connection

Broadcast: 9th December 1974
Added: Dec 17 2013
Norma and Hal have inherited an ancient Brownstone on New York's East 58th Street. Hal hasn't seen the house or the uncle who left it to him since he was a little boy. He doesn't know what to expect any more than Norma does as they inspect the house for the first time now since it became their own.
They discover one of the rooms is locked and when they get it open it is an upstairs sitting room furnished beautifully as it would have been a hundred years ago and with an old fashioned telephone on the wall. When Hal made a pretend phone call for a cab to a cab arrives to pick them up and when Norma pretends to phone for some new clothes and Hal for a decorator the whole house is redecorated in an old fashioned style and all their electrical gadgets are gone.
The telephone seems to have transported them back to the 19th century and what he learns about his ancestors is shocking.