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Farm Sale Day

Farm Sale Day

Broadcast: 23rd September 1953
Added: Mar 21 2009
Rogers of the Gazette are heart-warming stories of a country newspaper and its friendly editor based in a small town called Illyria. Illyria is not a boomtown and a man looking to make a lot of money fast wouldn’t give Illyria a second glance or even a first one to tell the truth. Illyria’s prosperous in a nice solid kind of way; the farms around have good rich soil, the hogs are fat and there’s chicken most every Sunday. The farmers sell in Illyria and they like to buy there too and the trade keeps moving along. To make sure the farmers don’t forget to come to town once every year the merchants of Illyria have a farm sale day. It’s also good for the Illyria Weekly Gazette too because Will and his assistant Maggie Button put out a special farm edition for the sale and all the merchants advertise.