Escape from Tomorrow Part 1 of 2

Escape from Tomorrow Part 1 of 2

Broadcast: 12th February 1939
Added: May 06 2012
Danny Morgan is a taxi driver who drove Tony Morrelli and his boys to a bank. He denies knowing that while they were in the bank they robbed it of $60,000. However later when Danny was at his fiancé Wilma’s house Morelli dropped him an envelope with $5000 in it as his share. Danny and Wilma married and flew the country but now they were being flown back escorted by a policeman named Max. When the plane crashes in to the ocean Danny saves Max’s life and keeps the moral of the survivors high making him a hero. However Max still has a duty to take Danny in but swears on his life that he will help him go free.

Directed by: Conrad Nagle