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Escape From Lions - Episode 4 of 26

Escape From Lions - Episode 4 of 26

Broadcast: 6th April 1935
Added: Apr 29 2005

Searching for a lost tribe spoken of by the natives as the Golden Race Professor Anton Edwards together with his daughter Lorna and his assistant Jack Martin are in the wilds of French Equatorial Africa. The Professor has come in to possession of a preserved human head that talks. He believes it to hold the secret of Lost Atlantis.

Lorna was found lost and wandering in a trance a mile from camp and they suspect it is the work of a local witchdoctor. The Professor with the only gun is walking ahead with Umguru, while Jack carrying Lorna is straggling in the rear. Almost within reach of camp two lions appear on the trail cutting the girl and boy off from the others.